Andrew Tan, Chief Executive, Maritime and Port Authority of Singapore

“Teymoor did an excellent job moderating a diverse panel of speakers from within and outside the shipping industry for the inaugural "Global Perspectives Forum - Future of Shipping" at Singapore Maritime Week

2018. It is always difficult to sustain the attention of a C-Suite audience but he kept us glued to our seats for the entire two hours session.”

Lisbet Anderson, Digital Editor at the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Denmark

“Teymoor was moderator and MC at the Royal Danish Embassy’s dialogue forum in Singapore, Elderly Friendly Societies by Design, on 15 November 2016. Teymoor is extremely professional, knowledgeable and

well-spoken. With only minimum briefing prior to the event, he ensured a lively dialogue between panellists and speakers, smoothly connecting with questions from the audience. It was a great pleasure to work with

Teymoor, and I look forward to engaging him again.”

Fazil Irwan, Executive Director, WIEF Foundation

"Teymoor was a moderator for one of the most important panel discussions at the 12th World Islamic Economic Forum in Jakarta on 2-4 August 2016. That was the Global Economic Outlook, a session that talks

about future economic trends focusing on "The Rise of the Consumer Economy". He is probably one of the most eloquent and articulate moderators we have had since we started 12 years ago. Teymoor was very

accomodative, a great time keeper, and kept the conversation alive and was also witty in intensifying the conversation between the panelists. He is definitely one of the most accomplished persons for this role, and

I would definitely vouch for him not only as a moderator, but also as a speaker who has great ideas to put across. "

Julien Delecraz, Head of Communications, Asia; Indosuez Wealth Management

Teymoor brilliantly moderated our last leading-edge seminar in Singapore “Wealth & Beyond Asia Summit 2016”. Renowned guests such as a former prime minister and successful entrepreneurs tackled the notion

of disruption in terms of industry and technologic trends. Internal speakers of the bank shared their vision and provided in-depth information on geopolitics, macroeconomics and financial markets. Throughout the

two-day event, Teymoor demonstrated an exceptional ability to engage the audience, moderate panel discussions and handle Q&A sessions. Thanks to his great knowledge and deep skills on a very broad range

of topics, he brought a real added value to the discussions and presentations. Broad-minded, passionate and always spot-on, Teymoor is a dedicated professional and one of the best moderators we have ever

worked with. We highly recommend working with him! (February 2016)

David Drake, Country Head; Intellectual Ventures

Teymoor acted as our master of ceremony at an event we held in Singapore and did an excellent job of leading the conference and interacting with various speakers and guests from industry, government, and

academia. Teymoor moderated the panel discussion between our experts and helped to keep the discussion moving and on point. Brought it all together with a deft touch. It was a pleasure working with him and

highly recommend him to those looking for an MC or speaker at an event. (November 2015)

Tate Godfrey, Executive Director, Industrial Asset Management Council, USA (IAMC)

Teymoor Nabili was the keynote speaker for our Singapore Event and did an exceptional job! We asked Teymoor to speak on China as an economic force in the region and he exceeded our expectations. He has

a broad understanding of business and financial issues and has an incredibly comfortable presentation style that makes an audience want to listen and learn. After his keynote presentation Teymoor moderated a

panel of corporate real estate professionals. He brought credibility and business acumen to the meeting and was truly a highlight of our session. As the Executive Director of a professional association I would

highly recommend Teymoor Nabili to other organizations. (October 2015)

Chris Humphrey, Executive Director EU-ASEAN Business Council, Singapore.

Teymoor acted as the MC and Rapporteur at our recent ASEAN-EU Business Summit in KL, Malaysia on 23rd August. He was the consummate professional, easily linking together the different segments of the

Summit, expertly moderating the panel looking at Financial Integration in ASEAN, and accurately summing all of the day’s discussions in a presentation to the ASEAN Economic Ministers at the end of the Summit.

He was a joy to work with and I would highly recommend him to any one looking for either a moderator for a panel of senior figures, or for an MC for a similar event. (August 2015)

Nicola Jayne Hewett, Senior Trade & Investment Manager, UK High Commission, Singapore.

Teymoor chaired a morning business seminar which was part of a high level ministerial visit to Singapore in July 2015. This was a very important seminar for our team at the British High Commission as it involved

Prime Minister David Cameron.  Not only did Teymoor do a fantastic job at introducing speakers and engaging the audience in discussion, he was also excellent with any last minute changes to the programme

(there were quite a few). Teymoor is obviously a very knowledgeable, energetic and flexible presenter who has a broad range of understanding across global economic and political issues. I felt that I could trust

him completely with the facilitation of this important seminar and he definitely contributed heavily towards its success. I would definitely recommend Teymoor to colleagues and contacts. (July 2015)

 Lina Baechtiger, Executive Director, EuroCham Singapore

Teymoor moderated one of EuroCham’s events on Geopolitics, Energy and Investment. His excellent knowledge of current and global affairs enabled him to guide the speakers and keep the flow of discussion

relevant and interesting. He was very engaging with the audience composed of senior European and Singaporean business leaders. It was a pleasure to work with him and his presence was definitely a key

success factor of the event. We received excellent feedback from our members and would recommend him anytime. (June 2015)

Lawrence Kook, Managing Director, First Gold, Hong Kong. We engaged Teymoor Nabili for a discussion event with Dr. Ben Bernanke, Former Chairman of the U.S. Federal Reserve in Hong Kong in June 2015. Teymoor steered a robust session with Dr. Bernanke, a leading global figure. Teymoor’s energetic and confident navigation of U.S. and Chinese economic policy, trade in the RMB and gold generated considerable international media coverage. There are few people who could have mastered such a session with this level of presence and finesse. The outcome has inspired us to do more events like this for First Gold. I have no hesitation in recommending Teymoor to other businesses for their events. (June 2015)  

Tan Sri Dr Munir Majid, President, ASEAN Business Club

Teymoor Nabili moderated the opening panel discussion at the ASEAN Business Club Forum 2015 in Singapore. He was also the moderator for the “Pitch Attack" session featuring new start-ups pitching their

business ideas to seasoned investors at a pre-forum private gathering. Teymoor brought to the discussions his sharp observation of ASEAN developments, by being able to grasp the crux of issues objectively

without patronizing the speakers of the subject. He also lends to the conversation a great deal of credibility given his vast knowledge of current affairs. Most importantly he is a delightful person who is easy to get

on with. (May 2015)

Andreas List, EU Senior Coordinator for ASEAN

In April 2015, Teymoor moderated the third instalment of the EU-ASEAN debate series in Singapore. Arguments centred on the necessity of enforceable multilateral agreements for regional integration.

A lively and interactive debate hinges on the ability of the moderator to ensure equal participation and to keep the conversation relevant and topical.

Teymoor skilfully guided interactions, not only between panellists, but also among the large public audience. His innate ability to continuously capture and reformulate the essence of the discourse, while keeping

both the debaters and the audience fully engaged, is a testament to his longstanding experience and expertise as a journalist and moderator.

Nobody could have done it better.

(April 2105)

David Gerald, CEO, Securities Investors Association of Singapore

Teymoor Nabili was the moderator for our Global Corporate Governance Conference 2014, held in Singapore. As expected, he was outstanding in drawing the thought leaders to bring out their best. His domain knowledge on the topic he moderated, 'Role of  the Board in overseeing Major Corporate Decisions', was par excellence. Teymoor will always undoubtedly be our first choice as  a well-informed and engaging moderator.

James Zhan, Director, United Nations Conference on Trade and Development (UNCTAD)

UNCTAD engaged Teymoor Nabili to moderate two events at the World Investment Forum 2012 in Doha, in April. The biennial forum is one of the largest and most important events for the global investment community. This year’s event was attended by 1,400 participants from 145 countries, and included 15 thematic events. Mr. Nabili’s main responsibility was the moderation of the World Leaders’ Investment Summit, the headline event at the forum, which was attended by 1000 participants and broadcast live. This was a high-level event that included six Heads of State and five global CEOs, as well as the Secretary-Generals of the International Chamber of Commerce and UNCTAD. The format of the session, in which Heads of State delivered speeches within an open discussion with CEOs required immense skill and sensitivity to political protocol to ensure the smooth running of the event and that it kept to time. Mr. Nabili proved to be more than comfortable at this level and displayed a professional and fluent capacity as moderator. He excelled in creating a unique dialogue among a highly diverse panel, which was instrumental in ensuring a successful curtain raiser for the UNCTAD 2012 Forum. He succeeded in keeping the audience and speakers engaged throughout a three-hour session, covering the session’s key investment and development issues. Mr. Nabili’s interviewing skills brought to light the complementarities and differences of the panellists' key messages, and displayed his familiarity with the issues under discussion. We wholeheartedly thank Mr. Nabili for his valuable contribution to this year’s event and would have no hesitation to engage him again in the future.

Max Hall, Senior Media Manager at World Economic Forum (WEF)

Teymoor Nabili moderated a brilliant televised session at the World Economic Forum’s Annual Meeting of the New Champions in the port city of Dalian, China in September 2013. The meeting is the foremost business gathering in Asia. More than 1,600 people attend including the heads of top-ranked multinationals, tomorrow’s industry champions, leaders in government, media, academia and civil society. The session was broadcast on Channel News Asia and was watched onsite by top executives, members of the media, government and civil society from across Asia. David Eldon, former Chairman HSBC Asia Pacific I have known Teymoor for a number of years firstly as a news commentator, and latterly carrying out a variety of roles at conferences both in public and private forums. It was his all round professionalism and ability that led me to arrange for him to moderate a private session for a company, which he undertook masterfully. His engaging style, together with an enquiring mind, grasp of current events globally and his ability to articulate clearly his message makes him a stand-out choice as a moderator and MC. Christopher Slaughter, CEO, CASBAA I have been following Teymoor's career since he and I first met in Hong Kong in 1991, and he is the very definition of the term "consummate professional." His broadcast delivery and presentation style are absolutely first-rate, and he is an effortless communicator, at ease both in the studio and in front of a live audience. As a journalist, he is undaunted by rank or power, and more than willing to tackle difficult subjects or sensitive lines of inquiry. His keen intellect makes him an excellent interviewer. In particular, his ability to actually listen to what people are saying to him, and to interact with the answers they give, puts him head and shoulders above the rest of the crowd of TV interviewers. Teymoor is by far and away one of the best in the business.

Matt Symonds, Director at Fortuna Admissions

We were fortunate to have Teymoor speak at our Singapore Business Media Conference hosted at INSEAD. The feedback from an audience of senior figures in management education was overwhelmingly positive, and he was singled out at the event for his depth of understanding and insight about international media, and the ability to clearly articulate and share his expertise. His natural charm and confident public presence are matched by an authenticity and desire to understand the needs of his audience. Highly recommended and appreciated.

Mayan Quebral, Vice President for Institutional Advancement at Asian Institute of Management

What appeared to be just another ASEAN Integration Conference (2nd Asian Business Conference June 26-27, 2014, Manila, Philippines) turned out to be a fascinating exchange among luminaries in the region and the US. No one could have done a better job than Teymoor in shepherding the conversations to arrive at a consensus that "The ASEAN Economic Community should be viewed as CHANGES, not challenges".  Excellent skill in managing such learned speakers and with such varied disciplines and interest!

Cathy Dawson, President, Conway Events

Teymoor creatively and intelligently moderated an extremely high-level summit run by The United Nations Conference on Trade and Development (UNCTAD) Investment Division, last month in Doha. I worked and liaised with Teymoor on behalf of UNCTAD for this engagement and immediately felt relieved that I could leave such a critical job in his very capable hands. He held the high-level audience for three hours, injecting pace into a session with 6 Heads of State and 6 CEOs of multinational companies, all of whom required time control to keep to an extremely tight schedule. Teymoor accomplished this with style and integrity.


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